2015 Engineering Design Challenge on April 25

(April 14, 2015) — Armstrong State University's Engineering Studies Program will host the 2015 Engineering Design Challenge, which will showcase the ingenuity and creativity of students from Johnson High School, Beach High School, Savannah High School, Savannah Early College, Savannah Christian Preparatory School, Richmond Hill High School, Savannah Arts Academy and Jenkins High School.

Each team, comprised of four to six students, has designed and built a battery-powered, multi-terrain wheelchair with the assistance of a project mentor and Armstrong Engineering students. The final competition will include a 40-meter race, a timed maneuver course, a demonstration of safety features and a design poster presentation with an engineering journal evaluation. Engineers from Gulfstream and other local companies will evaluate and select the winning design. The winning team will receive a $500 cash prize. For more information, visit http://engineering.armstrong.edu/edc/ .