Armstrong Establishes New Financial Assistance for Students

(July 26, 2012) In response to the challenging economic times and increasingly stretched dollars available to college students, Armstrong has established a new financial assistance fund for enrolled students, the Armstrong Commitment Fund. After tuition and supplies, many students find that their state and federal loans and grants do not cover the full cost and living expenses that are required to stay in college and focus on studies. The Armstrong Commitment Fund seeks to fill this gap between the financial aid students receive and what they can afford.

“At Armstrong, we strive to create an environment that ensures our students' success. In today's world, sometimes funding that is available to students falls short of their total needs” said Armstrong President Linda Bleicken. “We have created the Armstrong Commitment Fund to relieve that pressure and provide monetary support so our future alumni and tomorrow's leaders can stay in school and reach their full potential.”

Not only does the Armstrong Commitment Fund offer students financial assistance, but those aided by the fund will also receive financial counseling. The counseling will foster fiscal responsibility and knowledge that will benefit students long after graduation. In addition, recipients of Fund support will be encouraged to undertake community service projects that allow them to give back, as Commitment Fund donors have given to them.

The fund has received crucial seed donations from the Alva Lines family and Georgia Power. These initial donations have been key to the establishment and launch of the Armstrong Commitment Fund.

To become a member of the Armstrong Commitment Fund, contact the university's Office of Advancement at 912.344.2541 or visit the web site.

For students interested in applying, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 912.344.3266 or visit the Financial Aid Armstrong Commitment Fund web page.