Armstrong Introduces New Online Cyber Crime Certificate

(Nov. 26, 2013) – Armstrong Atlantic State University now offers an online Cyber Crime Certificate, the only program of its kind in the region dedicated to digital forensics and law enforcement techniques for online crime detection. This flexible graduate-level program appeals to working adults, enabling professionals to earn graduate certification while working full-time and advancing their careers.

This fall, Armstrong's Department of Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science launched the online interdisciplinary graduate certificate, which offers the tools and techniques to conduct high-tech cyber investigations. This online, 18 credit-hour program is designed to prepare graduates for federal, state and local government positions, as well as jobs in the private sector.

“Crimes of the 21st century are being committed in larger numbers online,” explains Dr. Becky Kohler da Cruz, an associate professor of criminal justice at Armstrong. “Students learn how crimes are committed electronically, how to track those criminals and how to collect the evidence of such crimes.”

Cyber crime investigation is a fast-growing field with major job opportunities.

“Currently, federal agencies primarily and state and local agencies secondarily are actively recruiting individuals trained in cyber forensics,” said Dr. da Cruz. “Agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Secret Services and the Georgia Department of Investigation do not have enough agents in the field of cyber forensics.”

Students enrolled in the online Cyber Crime Certificate program learn how to detect cybercrime on electronic devices and computers, capturing critical evidence for prosecution. Courses include Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics and Rules of Evidence.

For more information about Armstrong's Cyber Crime Certificate program, please visit or contact Dr. Becky Kohler da Cruz at 912-344-2748.