Y. Daniel Liang

Armstrong Professor is International Lecturer, Java Champion

(August 23, 2011) Y. Daniel Liang, a professor of computer science at Armstrong Atlantic State University, presented a lecture on the Java programming language to faculty and students at Nanchang University in southern China. The recent trip took Armstrong officials to the Jiangxi Province where they formalized educational agreements with Nanchang and the University of Jiujiang.

Liang lectures at the University of Science and Management in Malaysia, where he is a visiting professor. An internationally renowned lecturer, educator and programmer, he was recognized in 2005 as a Java Champion, an honor bestowed upon 130 Java technologists across the world by Oracle Corporation. Java champions are nominated in their communities and selected under a program sponsored by Oracle. They represent the leading minds in Java technology and include developers, academics, authors of Java-related content and web portal managers. Members of this elite group have the opportunity to provide ideas and direction to help Oracle advance the Java platform.

Liang is the author of four university textbooks about Java and another programming language, C++. His books have been published in 27 different editions since 1997 and are used on university campuses around the globe, including Nanchang University. The books have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian. A native of the Jiangsu Province in China, Liang enjoys a strong following among faculty and students in his hometown and across China due to the popularity of his textbooks.

Liang taught at Purdue University for nine years before joining Armstrong's College of Science and Technology in 2000, where he teaches all levels of computer science courses. As an experienced professor he understands some of the challenges that come with teaching computer science to younger students.

“In freshman courses you have to work hard to motivate students and hold their interest until they reach a certain level and become involved in their academic careers,” said Liang.

He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Oklahoma and a master's and bachelor's degree from Fudan University in Shanghai, China.