Armstrong Receives Complete College Georgia Initiative Funds

(June 6, 2012) How do you close an 18 percent gap between the numbers of Georgians who currently have some type of college degree and what the state’s workforce will need in 2020? That is the challenge facing Georgia and its colleges and universities, but a challenge being addressed through the state’s Complete College Georgia Initiative.

Ongoing work by Georgia's public colleges and universities to increase college completion rates will get a boost in the upcoming year with $72.5 million in new funds. Gov. Nathan Deal and the General Assembly fully funded the University System's enrollment formula, and as a result, all 35 institutions will receive new funding to strengthen programs serving the system’s almost 320,000 students.

Armstrong Atlantic State University will use its $1.3 million in funding to address some key priorities that will support college completion efforts, including:
  • Aid the increasing number of students whose financial aid packages cover some but not all of their tuition and fees by providing more employment opportunities that not only support financial needs but also allow students to remain on campus while employed.
  • Expand student support services for members of the military enrolling in and attending Armstrong’s main campus in Savannah and the Liberty Center campus in Hinesville, Ga.
  • Increase the number of academic and financial aid advisors for both first-time, first-year students and for transfer students to provide more individual attention and increase the availability of advisors.
  • Enhance technology support to further meet the needs of students and to increase the flexibility and accessibility of the blended and online learning programs.
  • Upgrade lab equipment for the College of Health Professions and College of Science and Technology to stay ahead of the curve and offer more state-of-the-art facilities to students in these rapidly growing disciplines.
Armstrong’s strategic plan focuses on fostering student success and ensuring transformative learning experiences. The additional funding from the Board of Regents supports the university’s goals and helps Armstrong provide more opportunities for students to successfully pursue and complete higher education.