President Linda Bleicken addressing the House of Representatives on February 4.

Georgia House Recognizes AASU’s 75th Anniversary

(February 9, 2010) The Georgia House of Representatives issued a resolution on February 4 recognizing Armstrong Atlantic State University President Linda Bleicken and the university community as it marks this year the 75th anniversary of its founding in 1935.

House Resolution #1258 was championed by Representative Ann Purcell of House District #159, Burke Day (H.D. 163), Ron Stephens (H.D. 164), Mickey Stephens (H.D. 161), Bob Bryant (H.D. 160) and others.

President Bleicken spoke before the House of Representatives and thanked the members for recognizing AASU's 75th anniversary.

"As you know, Armstrong was founded in 1935 at a time when the Great Depression gripped the country," she said. "Those were extremely difficult times, so we are proud that our city leaders and founders had the vision and courage to establish the college."

Bleicken added, "Today, as we struggle with our own economic challenges, I am consistently humbled and inspired by the vision and toughness of our founders. Without their determination, it would have been impossible to grow from a beginning enrollment of 175 to today's population of more than 7,500.

As we look forward to our next 75 years, Armstrong Atlantic State University will continue to provide the best possible education for our residents and students who come from across the state, the country and from more than 79 countries around the world. We know that better times are ahead for our institution; in fact, we believe our best days are yet to come."

A copy of the House Resolution and President Bleicken's remarks can be found in the president's welcome page. A streaming video of the session can be watched on the Georgia Public Broadcasting Web site by clicking on the February 4, 2010 House Session. Representative Ann Purcell appears at 45:25 on the counter.