U.S Department of Education Awards $457,000 Grant to AASU's Cyber Security Research Foundation

(May 3, 2010) The U.S. Department of Education has awarded a $457,000 Congressionally directed grant to the Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU) Cyber Security Research Foundation (CSRF) for the development and implementation of a Cyber Affairs and Security Certificate Program.

The funding was secured with the continued support from Congressman Jack Kingston and U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson, and Saxby Chambliss, who continue to recognize the immediate need for education and training in the field of cyber security.

“The work being done here in Savannah is at the forefront of a field of growing importance,” said Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA). “Anyone who has seen the news over the past year knows that cyber security is a serious threat to our country's economy and safety. As we rely more and more on technology and the Internet for our daily lives, that threat only grows, so we must remain vigilant to steel ourselves against it. I am proud to support the work being done here to address a serious federal need. I look forward to seeing its impact at home and across the nation.”

Senator Isakson said, "Armstrong Atlantic State University has developed a unique training model that addresses the immediate need for professionals who can address the growing number of attacks on our cyber infrastructure.”

Senator Chambliss added, "The Cyber Affairs and Security program at AASU will help ensure that we have the resources necessary to address current and future vulnerabilities to cyber attacks."

The Cyber Security Research Foundation will utilize the funding to continue the development and delivery of its Cyber Security Education & Training Initiative through new curriculum development and acquisition of equipment. Currently, the initiative consists of a series of professional training courses in subject matters such as money laundering and transnational crime, covert channel communications, computational linguistics threat assessment and other courses leading to a certificate in Cyber Affairs and Security.

The funding will be used to develop additional courses in conjunction with the current certificate, as well as to refine the existing courses to keep up with technology growth and feedback from past program participants. Additional equipment will facilitate the learning experience and enable the program to be mobile in order to accommodate professionals in concentrated regions of the country.

“This program takes cyber security training beyond virus scanning and firewalls to train our cyber investigators with the skills to track down and defeat those who would use the Internet to facilitate crime and terrorism,” said Randy Grubb, Executive Director of the CSRF.

The initiative is designed to foster the development of candidates for recruitment and retention into the work force with specialized skills in cyber forensics, investigations, and security. The result is to produce a better-educated cyber professional with areas of expertise not only in technology, but also in law enforcement, policy and law. By advancing cyber-related education through the application of scientific and academic knowledge in real world scenarios, the CSRF aims to fill the current gap in expertise and manpower needed to mitigate the cyber-related threats our country faces every day.

For further information about AASU's Cyber Security Research Foundation, call 912.344.3002 or by email request at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).