Armstrong Collegiate 100 Takes Top National Honor

The 100 Black Men of Savannah's Collegiate 100 Chapter of Armstrong has received the organization's highest honor, the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. 2012 Collegiate 100 Chapter of the Year. The award is based on the Armstrong Collegiate 100's outstanding accomplishments, community service and mentoring.

In the award announcement, Terry L. Enoch, president of the 100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc., said, “As the percentage of African-American male college graduates declines, these outstanding men have combined academic excellence with community service and have contributed to the betterment of Savannah. They deserve our highest praise for the honor which they bring to themselves, the Savannah 100 and Armstrong Atlantic State University – but particularly the city of Savannah.”

Armstrong's Collegiate 100 Chapter President Emeritus, Kwame Phillips, and Dujon Curtis, vice president emeritus, accepted the award at the 26th National Conference of the 100 Black Men of America in Atlanta, Ga., on June 15, 2012.

image “In 2011-12, we established the goals, the objectives and a theme for the year to remind ourselves of the vision and mission of our organization,” said Phillips. “The theme was ‘Raising the Bar with the Four Principles,' which included effective leadership, efficient execution, enduring brotherhood and excellent servant-hood. We took the four principles and made them our pillars to hold up the four programs of our organization: economic empowerment, health and wellness, education and, most importantly, mentoring. This year, like any other year, was an opportunity for the Armstrong Collegiate 100 to continue to give back to the community what the community has sown into our lives.”

“We are focused and determined to have a positive impact on our campus, in our community and in our world,” Curtis added.

Armstrong's Collegiate 100 chapter was chosen from a pool of over 50 other national Collegiate 100 chapters. The honor is being granted just a year after the organization was chosen as runner-up for last year's Collegiate Chapter of the Year award.

“After winning 1st runner-up for Collegiate 100 Chapter of the Year in 2011, we charged Collegiate 100 under the leadership of its president, Kwame Phillips, with the goal of winning Collegiate 100 Chapter of the Year in 2012,” said Dr. Wayne Johnson, academic advisor for the organization and associate professor of engineering at Armstrong. “Kwame, the rest of the executive board and the members stepped up to the challenge. Each Collegiate 100 member has worked incredibly hard this past academic year. They have had a profound impact on Armstrong's campus and the local community.”

Armstrong's Fernando Foster, network administrator in information technology services and a member of the 100 Black Men of Savannah, serves as advisor to the Collegiate 100 Chapter of Armstrong and liaison with the Savannah 100. “By winning this prestigious award, the Collegiate 100 of Armstrong continues to raise the bar for student leadership, not only for Armstrong students, but for college students nationwide. Dr. Johnson and I encourage the members of the Collegiate to set a high standard for themselves and their organization. I am proud of each member of the Collegiate 100 for the extraordinary efforts they've put forth in serving our communities. I'm particularly proud of leaders such as Kwame and Dujon who are consummate examples of the Collegiate 100 Culture of Excellence.”

A sampling of Armstrong's Collegiate 100's community service projects for 2011-12 include:

  • Awarded over $1,300 in scholarships
  • Sponsored the 2012 Miss Collegiate 100 Scholarship Pageant
  • Organized the 2011 Winter Toys for Tots Campaign
  • Held the second annual Collegiate 100 Winter Ball: A Black Tie Affair
  • Participated in the 100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc. Pathway Plans and Youth Leadership Academy
  • Awarded three laptops to 100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc. for Youth Leadership Academy students, an Armstrong student and a local high school student
  • Promoted safe sex and raised awareness about sexually transmitted diseases
  • Participated in local elementary schools' Real Men Read initiative

The Collegiate 100 has also been instrumental in ensuring that students are well prepared for their professional careers by providing them with information about employment and how to dress professionally through the “Dress for Success” campaign held every Wednesday throughout the academic year.

Armstrong's chapter of Collegiate 100 has 16 active members. The organization's core mission is to provide mentoring to young African Americans in the region, maintain academic excellence in the classroom and support the region through community service projects. Like its parent body, the 100 Black Men of Savannah, the Armstrong chapter concentrates its efforts to provide mentorship, health and wellness awareness, academic excellence and economic empowerment