Armstrong empowers Latino students: Goizueta Scholarship gives recipients the resources and motivation to dream big.

For Leticia Nascimento, a junior at Armstrong who plans to attend medical school after graduation, receiving the Goizueta Scholarship has been a life-changing experience.

“The Goizueta Scholarship not only helps me financially,” she says, “but it motivates me to be a better student that works harder and a more competitive candidate for whatever path I wish to follow in the future.”

Nascimento first heard about the Goizueta Scholarship through friends. After filling out the application online, taking ample time to write her short essays and providing the university with all the necessary documents, she awaited the results of her award. Receiving the Goizueta Scholarship award helped open doors for her to fulfill her goal of becoming a doctor.

“I have the opportunity to make new friends with whom I share the same goals, and they are a support for me,” she explains. “Being a Goizueta Scholar at Armstrong allows me to focus on what is important: learning.”

Ever since its establishment in May of 2003, the Goizueta Foundation Scholarship at Armstrong has helped more than 160 Latino students pay for their university expenses. Since its inception, the scholarship was intended to provide financial assistance for students, to foster the recipients' sense of belonging in higher education and to empower them throughout their experience.

The scholarship accomplishes these goals by upholding students to high academic standards during the academic year and by having them contribute to their community through volunteer work. Upon graduation, Goizueta Scholars leave Armstrong with a strong commitment to their own success and that of their community.

The Goizueta Foundation scholarship awards eligible students monetary assistance covering between 50 and 90 percent of their tuition and fees for one academic year. To be eligible to apply, Latino students must meet regular Armstrong admission requirements and be pursuing a degree at Armstrong. Students must also be able to demonstrate financial need and comply with the overall 3.0 GPA requirements. All Hispanic students who meet these requirements are encouraged to apply, regardless of their immigration status in the United States.

Since its inception, the aim of the Goizueta Foundation Scholarship at Armstrong has been to empower students throughout their education and instill a sense of belonging in higher education. At the beginning of each academic year, Goizueta Scholars are welcomed by HOLA director Melody Rodriguez, who serves as their scholarship advisor. Rodriguez was the mastermind behind the grant proposal which secured the necessary funds from the Goizueta Foundation for the scholarship.

As a scholarship advisor, Rodriguez meets regularly with the scholars and provides additional academic advising to help them maintain above a 3.0 GPA. All recipients are required to provide 50 hours of leadership service per semester. Rodriguez ensures that the scholars meet this requirement by helping them integrate themselves in the community.

Throughout each semester, she provides the scholars with volunteering or internship opportunities that offer students the chance to be actively engaged in their community. In addition, Rodriguez further cultivates Armstrong's sense of “familia,” providing students with a support system conducive to their success.

Yair Muñoz, a sophomore and Goizueta Scholar at Armstrong, says the Goizueta Scholarship has provided him with the right tools to grow as a student and as a person. He first found out about the opportunity during his search for a college, and thought that Armstrong offered strong support system for Hispanic students.

Muñoz worked meticulously on his scholarship application, taking his time to revise and proof read his essay. Once he received the award, the scholarship gave him a sense of hope and through it, he says, he sees that it is possible to achieve his dreams.

“Being a Goizueta Scholar at Armstrong has definitely been one of the best experiences in my life,” he says. “We learn and have fun at the same time. That's quite the deal if you ask me.”