On Monday, Jan. 19, more than 200 Armstrong students, faculty and staff proudly marched in the 36th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade in downtown Savannah. It was a scene of diversity and inclusion as people from all races, nationalities and genders came together to celebrate the memory of one of the world’s greatest leaders. 

“Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream was unity and equal opportunity for all, and in keeping with that, our students have the opportunity to work with and learn from one another with the overarching goal of unity,” said Nashia Whittenburg, director of Armstrong’s Office of Multicultural Affairs. “The university’s participation speaks to that and is something to be commended.”



Armstrong NAACP members Shawn Kelly and Kym Nedouze commented that the diversity on display in the Armstrong parade contingent was cause for celebration.

“The diversity makes my heart so big,” said Kelly, “and I am just so happy that everyone can come together to celebrate such a wonderful day.”

Nedouze agreed, adding, “It makes me want to cry a little bit because it means that we’re doing something right.”

For students with Armstrong’s newest Latino fraternity, Lambda Theta Phi, the parade was not only their introduction to the Savannah community, but also a symbol of Dr. King’s reach across all cultures.

“Martin Luther King, Jr. was a symbol for change, and that is something that Lambda Theta Phi wants to do as well,” said Emmanuel “Manny” Diaz. “I’m just excited to be a part of an organization and an event that work to bring people together.”