“Armstrong helped me prepare for the working world of laboratory medicine...”

Impressive Track Record for Medical Laboratory Sciences Grads

Elizabeth Boswell, M.D., earned a post-baccalaureate Medical Technologist certificate from Armstrong Atlantic State University and immediately found a job in the medical field. Today, she is a Pathology resident at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C., where she is fulfilling her dream of working as a doctor.

“My Armstrong education prepared me immensely for furthering my career via medical school and ultimately in the subspecialty of pathology,” she says. “My familiarity with laboratory practices and test interpretation has made me a resource to colleagues in a variety of medical specialties.”

Dr. Boswell is part of a growing number of Armstrong's medical laboratory sciences alumni who are experiencing success in the medical profession. For the last three years, the university has graduated an average of 50 students annually, while the national average number of graduates per program ranges from 12 to 15 students. All of Armstrong's graduates are employed, according to Dr. Hassan Aziz, Department Head of Medical Laboratory Sciences at Armstrong Atlantic State University.

“Most students receive a job offer during their clinical training,” Dr. Aziz reports. “Laboratory managers and directors are comfortable in recruiting and hiring our students because they trust they would be successful in completing their degree requirements and will pass the national certification exam.”

With an average annual salary of $57,000, the medical technology field is particularly attractive for Armstrong students. The industry is fast-growing, fast-paced and challenging, which appeals to Armstrong grads.

What makes the Medical Laboratory Sciences program at Armstrong so successful in placing graduates in the job market? “Upon admission into the program, we not only teach the content, we instill professional attributes in our students,” says Dr. Aziz. “We set high standards and we expect our students to reach to them. The faculty are passionate about the profession and we care about our students. We want them to succeed.”

Jennifer Sapp, BS, MLS (ASCP), an Armstrong alum who earned a B.S. in Medical Laboratory Sciences in 2005, is one of the university's many success stories. She currently works as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and Tissue Bank Coordinator at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah.

“Armstrong helped me prepare for the working world of laboratory medicine,” she says. “The two best ways Armstrong prepared me was providing the technical skills and knowledge of the profession and helping mold me into a true professional with desirable work ethics and personality traits. Professionalism was instilled into our class each day, and we were held to the highest standards. Although it was tough to keep up with the expectations, it shaped me into the type of laboratory scientist the employers wanted.”

Jennifer considers the best part of her job to be the opportunity to save lives and to help patients feel better. “A patient's health is very much dependent on accurate lab results, and I am responsible for providing that,” she explains. “I love helping provide the information that enables the patient to become healthy and stay healthy.”