Michael I. Kaplan

Michael I. Kaplan
Class of 2008
CEO & Founder, Phase 2 Advantage

Michael Kaplan graduated in 2008 from Armstrong, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Since then, Mr. Kaplan has become the CEO and Founder of Phase 2 Advantage, which has allowed him to be a passionate advocate for military veterans who are transitioning into the civilian workforce.

He also works as a consultant with numerous academic, corporate, and governmental organizations serving that same cause. In support of this initiative that he holds so strongly, Mr. Kaplan authored The Prior-Service Entrepreneur: Providing Military Veterans with the Competitive Skills to Start a Successful Business, which currently has a five-star rating on Amazon.com.

Mr. Kaplan is working with numerous campuses within the Virginia Community College System to develop comprehensive entrepreneurship training programs for student veterans. Additionally, he designs and instructs military-to-civilian transition programs for active duty military personnel preparing to complete their term of service. He is currently consulting for the US Navy in Chesapeake,VA and the Center for Military and Veterans Education in Virginia Beach, VA.

Kaplan lives in Savannah with his wife Donna and daughter Serena.