Carolyn Moye-Bigelow

Carolyn Moye-Bigelow
Class of 1993, 1996, 1999
RN Manager of Clinical Practice and Quality Assurance at Gentiva Health Services in Savannah








Carolyn Moye-Bigelow is a Savannah native who graduated From H. V. Jenkins in 1976. She married in 1980 and had two wonderful children while accompanying her husband as he served in the U.S. Air Force. In 1990, she decided to become a Registered Nurse. AFter completing her degree, she received her licenses in 1994.

Moye-Bigelow’s career began at Candler Hospital on the pulmonary unit where she worked for six years while she was also working on her bachelor’s degree. When she started working on her graduate degree she went to the per diem nurse pool in the mental health unit and did some fee-based work with the Veterans Affairs office in Savannah. She spent over a year with Union Mission and all three local hospitals developing The J.C. Lewis Family Health Center. After completing her master’s degree she took the position as the Nurse Manager at Effingham Hospital’s Med-Surg and Emergency Departments. She worked for three years with the Savannah Chatham Housing Authority as the Director of Nursing at Savannah Area Behavioral Health Collaborative (SABHC) serving the indigent mentally ill population.

Moye-Bigelow also completed the training for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) in 2002 and served the Savannah Area in this capacity at all three hospitals for three years until she took the position of Nursing Supervisor at the Family Practice Clinic at Winn Army Community Hospital in Ft. Stewart. While at Winn, she served as a SANE for over five years. Currently, she hold the position of RN Manager of Clinical Practice & Quality Assurance at Gentiva Health Services in Savannah.