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Indicator 1:

Health insurance coverage rate

vs. Georgia

What does it measure?

This indicator provides a broad measure of access to health care services. The variable measured is the health care insurance coverage rate among those under age 65 in Chatham County. The American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau began to collect health insurance coverage data in 2008. Prior to that, health insurance data was available only at the state level through the Community Population Survey.


Why is it important?

The indicator characterizes medical care access through health insurance coverage programs. People without health care insurance generally have reduced access to health care and tend to receive less preventive care. Their children are more likely to be uninsured as well which puts them at greater risk of having undetected health problems. In addition, low coverage rates among children can lead to adverse outcomes in other matters such as school attendance and learning outcomes.


How are we doing?

In 2011, 76.7% of Chatham County residents under the age of 65 had health care insurance.  Compared to 2010, this is a 0.9 percentage point decrease in coverage for those residents.  The state rate increased slightly to 78.2% from 78.1% in 2010.

Among those 18 and under, the proportion of Chatham County residents with health coverage increased to 92% from 89.6% in 2010.  For Georgia, the coverage rate for those under 18 increased 0.3% from 2010 to 2011. 


Among adults 18 to 64 years, 71.2% of Chatham County residents were insured, a decline of approximately two percentage points from 2010.  This coverage rate is approximately two percentage points below Georgia's coverage rate for the adult, non-retirement age population.


HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE RATE: 2008-2011, under the age 65
Source: U. S. Census (American Community Survey, Table B27001)


Source: U. S. Census (American Community Survey, Table B27001)2011 remains similar to 2010 percentages