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This page provides a summary overview of the indicators in the database. Much more detail and additional data is located on the homepage for each indicator. The name of the indicator in the table to the right provides a link to the indicator's homepage.

The most recent value of the indicator is listed in the "Data" column. The most recent year or period for which the data is available is listed next. The year is not uniform across the indicators because different agencies provide data with different release dates, survey data becomes available at different times depending on the geography and the agency collecting the data, and some institutions operate on a fiscal year, rather than calendar year.

This denotes a favorable trend. For example, if the teenage birth rate decreased, it is a favorable trend.

This denotes relative stability.

This denotes an unfavorable trend.

no trend
This indicates that a meaningful trend in not present in the data because there is no past data to which the value can be reasonably compared. This applies to the First Grade Readiness indicator because a new exam was used. Also, several indicators were collected for the first time in Chatham County by the Armstrong Public Service Center.

This denotes that Chatham County is out-performing Georgia.

This denotes that Chatham County is under-performing Georgia.

data not available
This means that comparable data is not available for Georgia.