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Indicator 6:

Average commute time

vs. Georgia

What does it measure?

This indicator measures the average commute time of Chatham County residents. It is a reflection of road and highway congestion. Commute time is affected by the intensity of use and by investment in regional transportation infrastructure.


Why is it important?

The information provided by this indicator helps transportation planners develop improvements to the regional transportation system. Commute times reflect the physical gap between home, community, and work and the level of congestion in the transportation system. Long commute times adversely affect personal health and well-being and simultaneously reduce the region’s productive capacity.


How are we doing?

Average commute time in Chatham County increased from 20.8 to 22.1 minutes in 2011.  Georgia commute time was little changed between 2010 (27.0 minutes) and 2011 (27.1 minutes).


Source: U.S. Census Bureau (American Com. Survey, Tables B08013 & C08006)