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A strong regional economy with an efficient transportation network and a healthy environment are essential to our quality of life. It is our responsibility to optimally manage environmental resources for the benefit of present and future generations. Environmental stewardship and the efficient use of energy in transportation applications will improve the long-run well-being of the community.  This enhances the performance of the regional economy, contributes to a high standard of living in the community, and improves the long-run attractiveness and growth prospects for the region.


Regional Economic Activity

The Coastal Empire coincident economic index indicates the Savannah metro economy entered a period of recovery in early 2010 that continued through the close of the first quarter of 2013.  This does not mean the economy has returned to pre-recession levels, but that the period of economic decay (recession) has ended. Nearly every current indiator of regional economic activity has increased since the start of 2010. The underlying indicators comprising the coincident economic index for the Savannah MSA (Bryan, Chatham, and Effingham counties) include:

  • Non-agricultural employment
  • Port activity (shipping containers handled)
  • Electricity sales to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers
  • Retails sales
  • Hotel room rentals
  • Boardings at the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport
  • Consumer confidence in the South Atlantic states

The coincident index monitors the current economic heartbeat of the region.


Environmental Quality

The development and implementation of sustainable environmental policies is becoming more and more essential for the preservation of the regional quality of life. The community’s efforts in improving waste management and controlling air pollution contribute to the protection of living conditions and the conservation of natural resources. These outcomes are vital for both nature and human beings. The importance of these initiatives, among others, is reflected in the Chatham County Commission’s declaration that it desires to help Chatham County become the “greenest county” in the state.



An effective transportation system allows for the quick and efficient movement of people and goods, thereby enhancing the economic productivity of the regional citizenry and improving their quality of life. An optimally designed transportation network includes and encourages the use of alternative transportation such as public transportation, carpooling, bicycling and walking. This, combined with the efficient transport of people and goods, yields efficiency gains in the use of time, resources, and energy.