When will the name change go into effect?

If approved by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents, the change will be effective in the new fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2014.

How will current students be affected by the name change?

Current students will reap the benefits of a positive name change, which will allow Armstrong to be branded more effectively and strategically. Current students should be proud of Armstrong’s rich history and bright future. The quality of education will remain unchanged, but Armstrong will have a more distinguished, more recognizable name.

How will alumni be impacted?

Because the Armstrong name has been consistent throughout the university's history, the impact on alumni will be minimal. The Armstrong name has always been part of the great tradition of excellence in teaching and learning. We believe Armstrong alumni will feel great pride in seeing their alma mater continue to evolve while maintaining its unique heritage. According to the results of the latest survey, 78% of Armstrong alumni support the name change.

What about my diploma, which says "Armstrong Atlantic State University"?

All official Armstrong diplomas will still be valid. Your diploma should reflect the name of the institution as of the year of graduation.

How should I reference the institution on my resume or CV?

It is appropriate to continue using Armstrong Atlantic State University (or a previous name) on resumes for those who graduated prior to the name change implementation day of July 1, 2014. You may also consider one of the following:
​     Armstrong Atlantic State Unversity (now Armstrong State University)
     Armstrong State University (formerly Armstrong Atlantic State University)

How much will the name change cost Armstrong?

Armstrong has identified one-time costs associated with the name change and plans to meet those needs through one-time operating funds allocation. No student fees will be used to fund the name modification. In addition, there will be no tuition increases to offset the cost of the name change. Most of the university’s signage, athletic uniforms and collateral materials already have the name “Armstrong,” rather than “Armstrong Atlantic.”

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