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Armstrong Receives Board of Regents Approval to Drop “Atlantic” From University Name

On April 16, 2014, the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents voted to allow Armstrong Atlantic State University to shorten its name to Armstrong State University. The name modification will be effective in the new fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2014.

Armstrong Name Modification Added to USG Board Meeting Agenda for March 2014

Armstrong’s name modification request has been included on the board agenda for the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents meeting in March 2014. The Atlanta Board of Regents meeting will include a discussion about the potential benefits of changing Armstrong Atlantic State University’s name to Armstrong State University. The Board of Regents is expected to vote on the issue at the April 2014 meeting.

Armstrong Decides to Move Forward With Proposed Name Change

After receiving the results of the statistically validated survey, Armstrong President Linda M. Bleicken and the President’s Cabinet voted to move forward with an initiative to modify the university’s name to “Armstrong State University.”

Armstrong has submitted a request to the University System of Georgia Board of Regents, asking to be added to the agenda for a future meeting. The Board of Regents is expected to vote on this proposed name modification in mid-February.

Armstrong Receives Name Modification Survey Results

In association with Candice Bennett & Associates, Inc., Armstrong received 3,383 responses to an online survey from November 18 through December 6, 2013 from key Armstrong stakeholders.

The statistically validated results of the survey are as follows:

  • The majority of Armstrong alumni (78%), faculty/staff (77%), current students (57%), Foundation/Alumni Board members (82%) and community/corporate leaders (86%) would support a name change to “Armstrong State University.”
  • The majority of Armstrong community/corporate leaders (76%), Foundation/ Alumni Board members (69%), alumni (62%) and faculty/staff (59%) find the name “Armstrong State University” more appealing than “Armstrong Atlantic State University.”
  • All groups of Armstrong stakeholders feel the name “Armstrong State University” fits with their view of the university.
  • Three-quarters of Armstrong stakeholders indicated that the proposed name change would have no effect on their likelihood to recommend Armstrong to potential students, to participate in university events or to make future donations.