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South by Southeast is an organization set up to link universities and their corresponding communities in an effort to address the American social need of an appropriately strong public transportation system.  University systems are well positioned to study and advance civil projects for the greater social good.  They have dedicated, motivated and educated faculty within a broad range of disciplines and areas of interest and students eager to make meaningful contributions to their communities. 
The purpose of this website is to help organize interested faculty, students and community members in advancing public transportation in Georgia. 
Under Projects you will find a list of potential research topics that we believe to be the starting points for developing a viable passenger rail line linking Savannah, Macon and Atlanta.  It is our intention that each project should provide the researchers with a conclusion that offers a meaningful contribution to the advancement of Georgia’s public transportation as well as other initiatives taking place across the nation.  We plan to post regular updates of ongoing research and the conclusions of completed projects in this section.  We also encourage researchers to publish any work associated with these topics in other academic and professional journals that will be acknowledged here. 
Scholars and community members should also feel free to visit us on Facebook to identify other research projects, or make comments useful to our goal of improved public transportation and economic development in Georgia.

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